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You Make Your Luck and Destiny - Image by Dedit Yasa - Pixabay

You Make Your Luck and Destiny

Most people blame their ill fate or luck every time they come across tough times, but they do not realize that they result from their bad deeds committed by them sometime in the past. Similarly, if they have done good things, they are rewarded accordingly, and that is what the law of Kamma is all about. Therefore, it is you who is to blame and not the ill-fate you might be experiencing.

“Luck appears when you are working towards it, not looking for it.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

Don’t Blame the Stars:

To a certain extent, stars play an important role in shaping the fate of a person. However, the thoughts and beliefs of a person shall also be held responsible for shaping their fate. For instance, if you keep thinking bad or negative, you are likely to experience negative things. If you are already going through a bad patch in your life and instead of cultivating hope, you keep blaming the circumstances and keep thinking negatively, you are only going to worsen things. However, in testing times, if you hold on to hope and remain positive, you will ultimately get through. You need to believe that if good times do not last forever, so shall the bad times. He has to cultivate a faith that he will be able to overcome any bad situation by believing in him and thinking positively. Therefore, if you have created a bad Kamma as a result of negative thinking and bad deeds, you always have the opportunity to reverse the situation in your favor by being patient and thinking positively.

“Let there be many luckiest people to work against me, I am here to work in favor of my luck”
― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

Destiny is in your Hands:

Your destiny is in your own hands. If your deeds have been bad, you are likely to come across turbulent times, and correspondingly, if your deeds have been good, you will experience the good things in life. You have no one to blame for the bad things happening in your life but your own self. When things are not going your way, you need to remain calm and patient instead of becoming irritated and furious as such emotions could only make things even worse. Keep believing in yourself and always remember that you can indeed turn the Kamma in your favor by improving yourself and start doing the good things for one day, you will be surely rewarded accordingly. You also need to believe that there is nothing in this world that is permanent. If good times do not last forever, the bad times shall also not last for eternity. You need to cultivate the seed of spirituality and train your mind to face challenges of life. Spirituality can purify your mind from all the toxic thoughts that you have been carrying.

“Luck and fortune are always on the side of the persistent.”
― Steven Redhead, Life Is A Cocktail

Besides, you must not grieve on things that happened in the past, as doing so could ruin your mental well-being. Learn to live in the present moment as what happened in the past cannot be reversed, and the future can only be good if you try to rectify those things in your hands in the present moment. Moreover, you always need to believe that there is nothing in the world that you cannot achieve, provided that you keep putting efforts and learn never to give up.

“I am not smart, I pay attention.
I am not considerate, I listen.
I am not patient, I make time.
I’m not lucky, I work hard.”
― Mark W Boyer

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