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Corporate Slavery -Image by Peggy Margos - Pixabay

Is your colleague a better robot, or are you better than him or her? If your colleague is a better robot, what can you do to surpass him/her? Is your colleague more obedient to the corporate bosses? There can be several reasons to justify why your colleague is a better corporate robot than you are. This is just one specific example of how the corporate world functions. The immediate bosses or the caretakers of the corporation you work for are the ones who determine who the best robot is among their hired robots. They compel their employees to become mainstream competitors in a corporation through different employee-evaluation processes and motivational tactics. They enforce stiff competition and fierce rivalry among the employees to make a handsome amount of money. They just restrict their employees to a certain amount of fixed money that they give to their employees every month according to there skills and capabilities. In other words, it is also commonly called a salary.

Those robotics who impress their bosses tend to earn a higher amount of money each month. They are promoted to higher designations, and that is one of the ways for corporate bosses to motivate their employees. They keep sitting at the top, earning handsome revenues, and making each of their robots work harder so that revenues can be earned tenfold. They make their robots work like donkeys. In return, they provide insufficient facilities and meager monetary benefits, which are hard not even a fraction of the total profits they earn using their robots. They come up with stringent policies to suffocate their employees further and introduce a system in which all the robots are made to compete with each other. Robots who fail to comply with the corporation’s policies are warned in the first phase. If the pattern continues, they are fired immediately in the next phase, and a better robot is hired.

The system of the corporate world is such that all the robots are compelled to compete with each other, and at the end of the day, some of them are made to feel better by being provided with better monetary benefits than the others. The corporate system works in such a way that all the hired robots working at different designations are trapped in a vicious circle. They are pressured to perform even better, and there is never any positive regard for them. They deliberately instill jealousy among all the employees for one another as to make them work harder and double the margin of revenues. By the time a year comes to an end, the best robot among all the robots is promoted, making them say out loud, “yes! I am a better robot than you”.

The main objective of most corporate bosses is to use their employees to earn more and more profits while minimizing the operating costs, including employee wages and other overhead expenditures. So, if they are to keep the business’s operating costs minimal, how can employees be expected to earn a handsome salary? As per this objective, employees’ monthly remuneration is also kept at minimal to maximize profits.

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