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The True Power of Hypnosis

Amid the evolution of other scientific and proven techniques to cure various physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of a human being, hypnosis is not given as much importance. It could be because most people diagnosed with mental disorders, suffer from physical pain, and have bad habits like smoking are not completely aware of the true power of hypnosis.

However, research conducted in this arena has led to phenomenal discoveries. Many experts exploring hypnosis regard it as the fastest of all therapies, especially when it comes to treating mental and personality-related disorders. Other successful techniques, such as psychotherapy and psychoanalytical approaches, have been effective but not as hypnotherapy.

The gathered data and experiments conducted by experts in this field have suggested that hypnotherapy merely takes at least six sessions to help someone who has a mental disorder recover much more quickly than a psychotherapeutic or psychoanalytic approach, which roughly takes more than twenty sessions in most of the cases. Still, it all depends on the intensity and the deep impact a particular disorder has affected a person.

A human mind is a complex muscle comprising two important aspects: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Conscious mind pertains to your recent memory or the short-term memory you need to function daily. Things are stored temporarily in this memory, and once you are done with things you routinely do, it is done and dusted. It is actually related to all the things that you have to deal with in the present moment, where you only focus on things that are important and ignore the ones that have no practical value or are useless for your conscious mind to process.

Contrarily, the subconscious mind comprises long term memory. It is in this part of the brain where all your past experiences are stored. These experiences can be good, as well as bad. When you are in this state of mind, you are unconscious of your surroundings. You are either dreaming or thinking something about the past. It is a vast and powerful aspect of your mind. If the conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg, then the subconscious mind is all that is submerged into the ocean.

There are many instances in your daily life when you are in a state of
unconsciousness where you are not aware of anything around you. It could be related to you thinking about something in the past or simply delving deep into different corners of your mind to devise strategies to deal with something important.

Most mental illnesses actually trigger your subconscious mind where all your negative experiences are stored, and you have not sorted out how you can deal with them. In some extreme cases, you actually develop a fight or flight mode when you perceive a certain danger which could be something not related to reality, where, instead of fighting with the situation which causes you to panic, you run away as a way to protect yourself from the perceived danger.

The root cause flight from a certain perceived dangerous situation lies in automatic negative thoughts, which, if not clinically dealt appropriately, could lead to serious kinds of mental ailments or disorders requiring medication and hypnotherapy or psychotherapy. As you keep thinking negatively, completely unconscious of your thought patterns, these ANTs become ingrained in your subconscious mind.

They become permanent parts of your unconscious mind. As you keep repeating them in your mind in a panic-like situation, you unconsciously develop an aversion for almost everything around you. It can lead to various kinds of depressive disorders, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and even serious psychotic conditions where you completely lose touch with reality.

Hypnotherapy can be extremely beneficial in treating such conditions that you develop over several years. A hypnotherapist simply induces you into a transcendental state of mind where you are somewhere in the middle of consciousness and unconsciousness. You can hear what the hypnotherapist is telling you at the time of therapy. He can make your mind delve into a deep imaginative state where you are supposed to become a physical part of your imagination.

For instance, he can ask you to think of yourself surrounded by a beautiful valley, which can empower your brain. He can ask you to repeat positive affirmations after him, while still in somewhere in the middle of the conscious and unconscious state of mind and to push forth the toxic thoughts that have actually become the cause of your mental ailment or high-level stress.

Apart from seeking a professional hypnotherapist to help you recover from a toxic mindset, you can also apply self-hypnosis. It can help you achieve a trance-like state through meditation. Additionally, you can also try some other mindful activity, like repeating self-affirmations, which you can relax your brain. As you consistently practice,  it alters your subconscious mind.

Just like when you keep repeating negative aspects, causing your subconscious mind to believe in them, repeating positive thoughts over and over has a similar impact. However, the key here is the consistency where you consciously need to repeat positive self-affirmations. If you suffer from a social anxiety disorder, claustrophobia, or other kinds of fears, self-hypnosis can help you overcome such issues.

Hypnosis is not just highly effective in treating mental aspects of your being, but also physical ones. For instance, if you suffer from back pains, fractured bones, migraine, and other types of illnesses, it can help you overcome them. Hypnosis is not something unusual in your life, and you experience it a lot of time during a day. When you are busy doing something, completely lost, you become unaware of your surroundings.

You no longer know what is taking place or what is going on in your immediate environment. It is a trance-like state where you simply do not notice anything that might be taking place around you. At times, it could be so intense that if someone calls you, you will not be able to hear it, and he may actually need to come close to you and pinch you bring you out from such a transcendental state of mind.

Moreover, sometimes, you are so lost in your dream world that even if you slightly rub against a protruded nail, causing the impacted part of your body to bleed, you will not be able to realize what happened. It could only happen when you return to your conscious state of mind and notice that one of your body parts is bruised.

It is like diversion of your mind, which becomes so intensely submerged into something that it does not experience anything else. You can also call it temporary numbness of your brain, which is no longer receptive to pain caused by a hurtful impact. You may only notice when you come out of this state of mind and become aware that something had struck you when your mind was venturing elsewhere.

Similarly, when you are experiencing other types of pains in your body, hypnosis can divert your mind from feeling the pain, even if it is strong and causes you to shift your attention. You might be hurt and experience pain, but as your mind is induced into a deep hypnotic state, it no longer feels pain causing you to relax and forget about it.

Hypnosis can also be beneficial for students who often experience pangs of intense anxiety before giving examinations. As they practice positive self-affirmations consistently, they can train their mind to remain relaxed during tense academic situations. It can help them think more logically and take their examinations as a career-based activity rather than full-blown warfare.

They can train their minds to think that it is just an examination and not the end of the world even if they are not able to make it big or make their expectations come true. Moreover, medical surgeries could be extremely anxiety evoking where a person who has to go through this procedure may even lose sleep as he over thinks about it.

As he imagines his body being cut by surgical instruments, it could become a living nightmare for him. However, hypnosis can help him relax his mind and think more positively. Instead of thinking negatively, he can rewire his brain to think about good thoughts through the repetition of positive self-affirmations over and over. It is vital for the well-being of a patient who has to go through a surgical procedure before the surgery. He needs to be healthy for the operation to take place, and he simply cannot remain physically healthy if his mind is anxious. Remaining positive can help him stay happy and positive, which in turn can help him recover faster post medical surgery.

A happy, healthy, and positive mind is the key to a long life because everything initiates from your mind. If you do not have a positive mind, it affects every aspect of your life. You struggle to form positive and healthy relationships with people around you; you struggle to concentrate and maintain deep focus to achieve your short term as well as long term goals; you fail to make any significant impact in your as well as other people’s life around you; you tend to see everything in black or white and the burden of negative and toxic thoughts ruin everything in your life as you become bitter and grumpy towards everything. You feel helpless and worthless and fail to make any positive impact on your life. You become stagnant, and your mental growth gets seriously compromised.

Hypnosis can be a life-changing experience for you. It can increase your self-awareness about your subconscious mind and allow you to reprogram it. It is a simple process that can have a significant impact on your whole life and equip you with the right tools to cope with tough situations. It can increase the cognitive abilities of your mind helping you make sound decisions and minimize ambiguities.

Life is never perfect, and it is full of ups and downs for every living being. You need to remember that hypnosis is not some kind of magic that can heal you in no time. It is just a way to keep yourself positive even when things are not in your favor. It can help you hold on to different types of situations, helping you cope with them effectively. It can increase your resiliency and make you remain patient during times of distress. It can divert your mind from negativeness and keep you focused on what is important at hand.

Practice hypnosis and let go of things that have been holding you back. Overcome adversities and pursue greatness that you are capable of, and always remember that the key to happiness and success is a healthy mind. Unlock the true potential of your mind by tapping into your subconscious mind through hypnosis.


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