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Explore some of the best eateries in Karachi - Image by Abdullah Shakoor from Pixabay

The Best Desi Food Outlets in Karachi

Food is the heart and soul of the people of Karachi. Considering how passionate people are about food in the city, it would not be wrong to say that it is the center of nearly everyone’s attraction. In this blog, we will share some of the most famous food outlets in Karachi that rule the hearts of not only the residents but also those visiting from other cities and even countries. Just hold your breath and discover the most exciting food cravings the city can offer:

Nalli Biryani

The people of Pakistan are extremely talented as they are highly capable of surprising everyone with their immaculate innovations. For instance, biryani is considered a staple diet for many and it has been consumed in very large quantities. However, a new dimension has been added to the already popular food which is Ghousia’s Nalli Biryani.

The reason why it is so special is that its main ingredient consists of a fusion of bone-marrow and biryani. Ghousia is a densely populated area of Liaqatabad, Karachi it is very famous for selling beef biryani. It is just like a Dhaba which is located in block 6 of Liaqatabad.

In this era of technological revolution, it is hard to conceal such exciting discoveries and kudos to those who tried it first and shared their experience on social media which hardly took a few hours to go viral all over. As of now, it has already turned into an extremely popular food outlet in Karachi with its unique-styled eatery.

Golla Ganda

During soaring temperatures in Karachi, pushcart vendors are often seen selling golla gandas in nearly every gully and mohalla of the city as the rainbow-colored sweet and cold delicacy serves as a perfect reprieve from oven-like heat. However, these vendors are nowhere near the all famous golla gandas sold at the Dhoraji area of Karachi. It is much bigger in size in addition to more appealing toppings along with pineapples and sweet syrup. If someone wants to have added a topping of condensed milk, he can simply ask the vendor as all the golla gandas are customized according to one’s personal taste and choice.

One of the best things about having a golla ganda at Dhoraji is that it provides a perfect environment for families and friends alike to enjoy having this sweet delicacy in an open environment. Since Karachi has been known for its breezy wind at night, it makes for an invaluable experience for people.


Chaat cannot be considered as full-fledged food to satisfy one’s hunger but it is sufficient to provide temporary relief from recurring hunger pangs, especially when shopping outdoors. Al-Ahmad Chaat, located at main Tariq Road in the PECHS area of Karachi is the best remedy for nearby shoppers to find some solace during a busy day out shopping in searing weather conditions.

Al-Ahmad Chaat is just a small chaat stand but it serves as a perfect outlet for people to enliven their dormant taste buds. Most of the families shopping in the vicinity mostly prefer mixed chaat as it makes a blend of smoked chickpeas and potatoes dipped in spicy tamarind sauce and yogurt. However, people who are not resistant to spicy stuff can have their plates of mixed chaat customized according to their liking.


Liaqatabaad area of Karachi is also considered as the food street as it offers some of the best delicacies in the whole city. Although golgappas are commonly sold in the city there are very few vendors who have perfected the art of blending the golgappas with delicious tamarind sauce and chickpeas.

Golgappas are also referred to as pani puri and they are best eaten with sweet sauce as well as sour tamarind water. It all depends on one’s personal choice. Since Liaqatabaad is a densely populated area, it may not be easy to shop for famous golgappas in one go. People have to stand in long queues before they can get their hands over a plate full of aromatic gappas.

Apart from the popular golgappas of Liaqatabad, there is one more very famous food outlet which sells delicious golgappas and it is Salman Pani Puri located in the Seher Commercial area of DHA.


Nihari is considered as the staple food for many local residents of Karachi. It is a delicacy that most of people crave at any time of the day. Some people even like to eat it for breakfast, especially on a weekend along with their families. When it comes to the best outlets selling nihari in Karachi; it is a very close call because there are many and it all depends on personal preferences. However, Javed Nihari, located in the Dastagir area of Karachi easily tops the list.

Chai and Paratha

There are several dhabas in the city that exclusively sell delicious chai and parathas but over the past few years, Chai Wala, located at Chota Bukhari area of DHA, Karachi has topped the list. It provides its visitors with a very comfortable open-air environment where people can enjoy having flavored parathas along with their night, especially on the weekend.


There is no better place to try delicious Kachoris than near the Passport Office area of Karachi. It is a very old outlet and it has been selling freshly cooked kachoris for ages. It is located on the pavement and people can easily try it while standing on the footpath talking with their friends. There are not many good food outlets that sell kachoris and this one could be the best treatment for anyone visiting the Saddar area.


Most of the restaurants in Karachi do not sell authentic shawarmas as they are just wrapped up in plain bread. However, there is one joint in Karachi that claims to be selling authentic ones and it is Pita. The outlet cannot be compared to a typical street food vendor but it is certainly the first in the city which has successfully lived up to its claims of being an authentic Lebanese shawarma seller.

Kabab Paratha

Meerath Kabab House, located at the famous Burns Road in Karachi, is the ultimate destiny for anyone who wants to eat delicious kabab paratha. It can also be eaten as a paratha roll. Apart from that, there are some vendors at the Tariq Road area of Karachi where kabab paratha rolls are sold. People, who visit this area for shopping, are the most frequent buyers of this delicacy as it helps them a temporary reprieve from pangs of hunger.

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