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Greetings and Welcome to Word Petals!

My name is Omar Bin Rashid, and I love to play around words. I am passionate about reading and writing. I have the ability to write on almost every topic. However, some of my favorite blog topics are self-help guides, health and fitness, smartphones and 5G technology, Artificial Intelligence, and sociology. If you find my blogs interesting, kindly comment and share them as it will help me improve and create better content for the readers.

Professional Overview

I am a professional content writer with over 4 years of experience. During my writing career tenure, I have worked with numerous employers based in Pakistan’s country of origin. Most recently, I had the privilege of working with one of the best real estate web portals in my country and around the globe, Zameen.com, where I had an opportunity to write area guides that covered almost all the major cities of Pakistan. Besides, I have also been associated with Innovative Solutions, which is among the best software houses in my country.

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Let’s Enjoy the Journey of Writing Together!

Please read and share my blogs if you find them interesting and informative. You can also write comments below each blog you read. If you want to share anything related to how I can improve, you are welcome to provide your suggestions.

Most of the bloggers prefer to write on a specific niche. However, my objective in creating this website is to write blogs on multiple niches. Since I love to write, I am going to cover lots of amazing topics. It is a wonderful platform for me to speak my mind and write whatever I want to. The right audience will eventually discover Word Petals!

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