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Finding Peace Amidst Strife and Conflict - Image by Pixabay

Finding Peace Amidst Strife and Conflict

Never before, the human race was in dire straits, physically and mentally. We have indeed superseded in a different spectrum of life, but we are still vulnerable. A modern man is living amid the eye of a hurricane. He is mentally and physically drained. He is causing harm to his own kind using different tools. The thirst for supremacy over other fellow beings is deeper than it ever was in history. In a way, a man is using his potential in suppressing the underprivileged by using weapons of mass destruction.

Unrest and Global Conflict:

A modern man has gone astray when it comes to using weapons of mass destruction. In the present world, we have all the technological luxuries, but despite that, we are highly vulnerable than ever. The use of nuclear weapons to suppress or threaten others has become common among nations with these destructive weapons. A human being is just a push of a button away to cause global destruction of epic proportions.

Besides, we may have all the luxuries to ease our life in technological terms, but technology itself has crippled us on many fronts. In today’s world, we are facing many different fatal diseases. We have become so lethargic amid the common use of technology that even simple things like remembering someone’s phone number have become challenging. We no longer have privacy as hackers easily invade our technological devices to ruin our peace of mind. No country is safe from a nuclear disaster as it helps generate electricity.

Moreover, the global climatic changes are true evidence of the global destruction we have caused. The climate is rapidly changing everywhere because of air pollution. It is causing famine in certain parts of the world, limiting access to food. Therefore, in the entire process, man has successfully gained control over natural forces, but he has lost himself in an unknown labyrinth.

Establishment of Peace:

Fire cannot be extinguished with fire. Similarly, peace cannot be found by a raging war against each other. If someone starts calling you names and you similarly respond to that person, it will not help calm down the situation between two of you. Instead, it will worsen the situation. Therefore, the ultimate solution to find peace is to remain patient amid controversial times of life and wait for the right moment to express you. To find peace in the world amid all the ongoing wars and conflicts is to sort them out with a cool and calm mind. We should also realize that wars and fights over trivial matters are a complete waste of time and energy. Instead of fighting with each other, we can come closer and use our energies in building peace and harmony, not just for ourselves but also for the upcoming generations.

Going Beyond Worldly Pleasures:

Happiness cannot be found in material gains. No matter how much wealth we acquire, it is not an essential aspect to find true happiness. Happiness is a state of mind, and it comes from within. To find happiness, we must avert indulging in worldly pleasures. We should think that such gains are temporary. Acquiring wealth may help us become happy, but it is always short-lived. Even if you become an owner of the most luxurious house in the world, it does not guarantee pure happiness. You may feel happy for a few days, but in the long-run, you need to find it within yourself.

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