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Fictional People Are Far From Reality

It has been proven during the dawn of the 19th century that lots of creative people who mastered their craft in the work of fiction are not indeed far from reality. Their work of fiction is just a way to inspire people that nothing is impossible in this world if one has a strong will, persistence, and grit.

Suppose you look around with your eyes wide open and observe where modern-day technology is heading. In that case, you will realize that lots of the latest inventions were part of fiction at some point during the early and mid-phases of the 19th century. For instance, nobody in the early 18th century would have wondered that flying machines will become an integral part of nearly every nation’s overall transportation system in this world.

At the dawn of the 19th century, the Wright brothers invented, built, and flew the world’s first-ever airplane sending shockwaves worldwide. It was the first milestone of its kind in the entire aviation industry, and the rest is history. In the contemporary world, flying from one location to another has become a norm. Flying machines no longer awe anyone as it did the first time. They are used as an integral source of transporting goods, people, and other items involving export and import back and forth between different countries.

If Wright Brothers were fictional people being delusional or far from reality in an attempt to make flying possible, how come they succeeded in what once seemed an impossible feat likely? They had the image of passing objects in their minds as a work of fiction in the making, brewing up with different ingredients to become a part of reality.

This historic achievement is proof that fiction is actually a trailer of the big picture in the making. Fictional people reveal their work of fiction as a future reality. Similarly, many other remarkable inventions have been made after the incredible feat achieved by the Wright Brothers. Just look around you, and you will be able to restore some sanity among those people who still discredit the work of fiction.

It is indeed true that not every work of fiction becomes a reality, but many have already gained commendable popularity. Wireless communication, which has become so common these days, was also considered novel and an idea negating fact. However, this technology has gained worldwide acceptance and popularity because it has become an integral part of our daily routine life.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore mobile and smartphones in the 21st century. The internet serves as a medium capable of connecting everyone from the entire globe under one umbrella. Online communication has already turned the tables associated with telecommunications as traditional landline phones are fast becoming obsolete.

All these developments were once a work of fiction. Still, all of us have become accustomed to all these technologies, and it is hard to imagine a life without them. People can even work from the comfort of their homes without moving an inch from their beds as all they need is a computer or a smartphone device to do their work.

Students can acquire education from any part of the world. They now have access to indefinite resources to conduct research and work on their projects. They have the luxury to enroll in any kind of academic field and pursue a successful career. Besides, technology has no boundaries and limitations as space missions using space shuttles have become very common.

The space industry is expanding at a rapid pace. The incredible fictional man can now land his space rover on Mars to study how conducive its atmosphere is for humans to survive.

If not, then can humans artificially turn the planet’s environment conducive for occupation any time soon? Other planets within the Solar System are also being explored to find any traces of life there. The whole point is that you will get lots of answers to support this argument that fictional people are not far from reality as they make things possible.

It all begins with the fantastic mind humans possess. It starts as an idea in someone’s mind, followed by extensive research work and experimentation using trial and error approaches. With every step taken, a fictional person moves one more inch closer to animate the very idea brewing in his mind.

He faces criticisms from all around that his idea is a delusion. Some people even label them as schizophrenics thinking and believing in images that have never been part of reality. They persist with what they think and make things happen by showing everyone that anything can be achieved if you have passion, curiosity, and the right attitude.

Don’t you think that the greatest inventors of the past never received any sort of criticism when they revealed their ideas to others around them? They got severely trolled for their ideologies and out of the box thinking needed to introduce their creation.

Moreover, the field of medicine has also completely turned the tables around. There was a time when some diseases had no cure, and anyone contracting them had very slim chances of survival. Except for a few fatal diseases like cancer, AIDS, and diabetes, many major illnesses are easy to diagnose and eradicate. Providing proper medical attention is promptly sought.

Infertile couples who want to have babies now have several different options in test-tube babies and surrogates. Genetic editing allows doctors to remove faulty genes from the baby while still developing in the womb to eliminate the possibility of inheriting debilitating diseases transferred by one generation to the next.

Suppose this work seems fictitious and far from reality. What about fictional medical processes involved in the transplantation of ill-functioning vital organs of the body. Many people now have the luxury of having one of their vital organs replaced by a healthy one.

If someone’s liver is malfunctioning, doctors can implant a healthy one donated by a deceased person. It is already happening. Many people enjoy living an everyday and successful life after receiving the organ’s transplantation through a surgical procedure.

Does it still seem like a trivial achievement? What about considering the use of stem cells to culture different organs of the body artificially? It is another debate if some people think it as unlawful from a religious perspective. And against the laws of nature where doctors are considering using stem cells to create babies artificially. And treating various kinds of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, and other life-threatening ailments to prolong a human being’s life. The work of fiction in such cases is deliberately being stopped from becoming a reality overlooking its benefits.

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