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Are We Robots! Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Are we Robots

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The idea of waking up early in the morning each day and heading towards our workplaces is quite daunting, but it is something that we have to do for our entire life to make a living. During the education process, we are often told by our parents that we have just some years of struggle, and once we are done with education, life is all about having fun and living according to our own liking. Is it really true that once we complete our education, we get freedom from the daily life-stress we come across as students?  That is exactly what our parents tell most of us that once our education is complete, we have all the freedom in the world to pursue our desired activities. However, in reality, it is quite the opposite that most of us have to go through each day. Every day is a real struggle in the corporate world where we are meant to follow our seniors’ orders or bosses. The day we stop following the rules of a particular corporation, we risk getting fired. Due to such pressures, we are indeed forced to follow a path we never dream of.

It will not be wrong to consider ourselves as robots once we are in the corporate world because we have to follow our seniors’ orders daily. We do not have any right to say no to their orders. As long as we keep nodding positively to our bosses’ orders, we are allowed to work, and the day we behave negatively or oppose the directives of our immediate bosses, we are shown the door and asked to do something else. The corporate world has turned people into complete robots where ordinary people are not even allowed to make their own decisions. People are kept so busy each day that they hardly get sufficient time to spend with their families. They are asked to work hard for the meager fraction of the total income the corporate leaders enjoy. The leaders are just meant to keep an eye on every robot they have hired to earn a handsome revenue each month. At the end of the month, they visit their corporate palace just to see as to how things are going. If they get happy, they just nod with even hardly a smile on their faces as if to convey a message to do more, I want more profits at the end of each month’. They have nothing positive to say to their hired robots.

In this capitalist world, we have indeed become robots. We are trapped in a rat race, a vicious circle that is hard to break. We have been forced to live the life we are currently living to survive and to please our bosses or the leaders of the corporation we are working for. With such a hectic lifestyle, most people are compelled to live, high-level stress, anxiety, paranoia, depression, and other types of health complications have become common indeed. People have to compromise and have to lead a life they are not actually meant to live to support their families and earn a decent living. As soon as a month ends, people eagerly wait for their salaries, and with their heads down like a robot gets on with another month helplessly and this way, the vicious cycle continues endlessly.



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