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Accepting Your Fate as a Robot - Corporate Slavery - Image by Pixabay

Accepting your Fate as a Robot

In the previous blog, I mentioned that we are actually corporate-slaves working in different organizations and corporations. We do not have any power to make important decisions and lead our lives the way we want to. In a way, that is indeed true, but if you are compelled to live a life in that manner, there is nothing much you can do other than bowing your head to your bosses and obey their orders. It is quite inevitable to lead your desired life in a corporate world since you are bound to fulfill many different obligations during your stay at the workplace each day. However, you can try to find solace in-between your work by doing things differently or adding excitement and joy to your work routine. In this blog, we will discuss how you can learn to enjoy your work at the workplace instead of fuming and fretting about your bad luck as a corporate robot hired by your bosses.

One of the best things you can do to avoid feeling vulnerable to corporate slavery or being a part of it even if you despise it from the depth of your heart is not to think about it all the time. Stop getting on to the mode of self-pity and instead think about all the positive things you can do and learn to be a part of the corporate world. For instance, you are not the only one who has to wake up early in the morning and head towards your workplace in haste. Other people have to sacrifice the best to support their families working. You have your colleagues who may have similar thoughts or may agree with you, but they do not have any other option to avoid being typical human-robots of the corporate world. The monthly salary they earn is the only way they can support their families financially, and they have no other means or source from where they can earn their livelihood. However, you can have a good time with your colleagues when you have nothing else to do in the workplace. You can enjoy going out for lunch with them, sharing your life experiences, being bitter or exciting, and trying to learn a few important things from their experiences. You always have something to learn from other people, no matter how senior or junior they are to you. Some people are very inspirational and highly determined to achieve their goals in life. You can look up to them and try to change your circumstances bit-by-bit.

The problem with most people who oppose being a regular part of a workforce is that they tend to think negatively, and this kind of mindset puts them into a vicious circle of negativity. They always blame themselves and their circumstances rather than all the positive things they learn from their colleagues. There are many ways you can learn to survive as a typical human-robot of the corporate world without thinking that you are vulnerable to the circumstances around you by being highly positive. Each day, try to instil positive thoughts in your mind before going to your workplace. Think about many amazing and exciting things you can learn from your colleagues. Think about the fun-time you can have other than just working like a robot. Surprisingly, there are moments at the workplace when you are allowed by your bosses to be completely yourself. You can have such wonderful moments during lunch-time when you can sit with your colleagues at the cafeteria and enjoy some delicious food. You can have a cup of coffee or tea and share some light moments with them. Just think about the salary you get each month. Some people at the workplace exude confidence and positive behavior, which can be sufficient to get some much-needed energy in-between your work.

Think about the salary disbursed to you at the beginning of each month. During the entire month, you put your best at work, and finally, you have those moments when you are returned by receiving financial rewards. This particular moment is very special for you because you earn what you deserve at the end of the month. Suppose the organization or corporation you work for values motivating its employees through additional financial or monetary rewards. In that case, you should consider yourself lucky because, at the end of the day, it is very important for you to remain motivated to work. The heads or caretakers of a large corporation should realize that you work to earn money and keep you interested in your job by rewarding and praising you for your work. Unfortunately, very few corporations realize the importance of retaining employees by taking care of their core necessities.

In my opinion, every corporation or organization should have motivational speakers and expert clinical psychologists to meet the emotional needs of employees because, at the end of the day, employees are humans and not robots, and they need emotional support, unlike robots. Financial rewards are good for motivation, but emotional needs must also be met by a corporation, realizing that humans are not robots, nor can they perform like robots. They have biological brains that are susceptible to getting exhausted at the end of each day. There is a certain limit of pressure that a human brain can sustain. If humans are over-stressed or over-burdened with too much work, they are likely to get fed up and may even commit serious mistakes or blunders, which can be damaging for a corporation in the long run. After all, it is employees who are the main pillars of a corporation, and because of their hard work, it can survive and thrive in the corporate world even when they are made to work and treated like nothing but robots.

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